• Before going through the essentials of a successful e-commerce marketing mix for businesses, one should first try to understand what the marketing mix represents.
    There are combinations of factors that make up a marketing mix which a business can use to sway its customers to buy its products.
    Some key factors vital to a successful marketing mix is discussed below:
    User Experience
    Digital marketing does not give the luxury of in-person discussion; however, this gap can be filled witha good user experience for customers.
    With the growth in smartphone usage, the manners in which people converse and make purchases online have changed.
    This has made it pertinent for e-commerce businesses to improve its site for mobile devices so that prospective viewers can, in turn, become customers.
    User experience is not just a vital process in a vigorous content strategy, it needs to be done correctly if not, the full strategy will be tumbling down before it has even started with us on netwerkkabel.eu.

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  • India has not fully recovered from the sudden demonetization of its Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.
    A big change happened in the practice of every business, the e-commerce market is not an exception.
    This demonetization is one of the most substantial changes in the Indian economy with Indians having gone through common shocks.
    Some supported it from the stance that it combatted black money, currency counterfeits and terrorism.
    On the other hand, some others created ahue and cried against it.
    It was a change that had agreat impact on trade and consumer demand.
    Debates are still ongoing on the issue of demonetization.
    The e-commerce platforms are burdened by undelivered orders because a huge number of customers that opted for cash on delivery are tendering the old currency notes.

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