• Before going through the essentials of a successful e-commerce marketing mix for businesses, one should first try to understand what the marketing mix represents.
    There are combinations of factors that make up a marketing mix which a business can use to sway its customers to buy its products.
    Some key factors vital to a successful marketing mix is discussed below:
    User Experience
    Digital marketing does not give the luxury of in-person discussion; however, this gap can be filled witha good user experience for customers.
    With the growth in smartphone usage, the manners in which people converse and make purchases online have changed.
    This has made it pertinent for e-commerce businesses to improve its site for mobile devices so that prospective viewers can, in turn, become customers.
    User experience is not just a vital process in a vigorous content strategy, it needs to be done correctly if not, the full strategy will be tumbling down before it has even started.
    Quality Content
    The embedding of keywords doesn’t just make a good content. There is need to create a content that can be understood by any prospective customer.
    This will help in not just promoting the business but also in the sale of your products and expertise.
    Contents need to be written in a conversational tone that can anticipate user’s needs and FAQ’s, while also paying special attention to long-tail keywords.
    Search Engine
    For e-commerce business to flourish, proper search engine optimization and marketing is vital for its visibility.
    Making your website searchable is a number one priority.
    There are algorithms for every search engine; therefore the web page you create ought to have all the requisites in that actual algorithm.

    Social Media
    Social media presence is relevant for all e-commerce businesses.
    With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Google, social media is an aspect of digital marketing that cannot be disregarded.
    Of recent, Facebook announced India as its biggest market with over 241 million active users.
    This is more than the United States.
    A newsprintad may get you in touch with maybe 500 to1000 audience; however, a simple posting on the social media site can help you reach millions.

    PR and Publicity
    Before the rise of the internet and social media were PR and Publicity.
    It is still going to remain for the foreseeable future and will still be used to sell products.
    It is of big value to small businesses as it helps them to promote their brand.
    Even though for sure, the best practices have been changed by modern marketing, one thing is still unchanged.
    This is the constant opportunity of telling a better brand story to a wider audience.

  • Through this you can see PR has a powerful role to play in content marketing in the reasonable time to come.

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